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Knowing Which Hardware To Choose

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Keypads?

Upgrading to keypad locks is one quick way to enhance your locking system. Here are some benefits of calling your locksmith services to install keyless locks. 

Keyless Entry

The first benefit is that you won't need to use a key to enter and exit your home. Not only will this reduce hassle for your family, but it will decrease the chance that a family member will lose the key and make your home vulnerable to a break in. 

Fewer Visits from a Locksmith

The keypads can also help to reduce the number of times that you need to have locksmith come to your home throughout the year. For instance, instead of having your locks rekeyed after an incident, you can simply redo the key combinations to your keypad. 

Increased Security

The keypads are less vulnerable to brute force attacks. With standard keys, an attacker might try to jam the door's mechanism in order to get into the house. The keypads tend to include a dead bolt system that is much stronger. And, then system is often encrypted to prevent cyber attacks. 

Monitoring Systems

Another benefit of a keypad is that it can be set up to allow you to monitor the access to your home. For instance, you will be able to see each time someone enters your time; the program may include data about the time of the entry, the key code that was used, and when the person exited. This way, you can troubleshoot any issues with unwanted guests in your home and determine where a security breach has occurred. If nothing else, it gives you confidence that you don't have any intruders in your home. 

Easier to Use

A keypad combination is easier to use for multiple members of the family. For adults, there's the convenience of simply keying in a code. But for children, the difference can be even more pronounced. The child won't have to carry around a key that they could easily lose. Instead, you can program a simple to remember code for the children. 

Quick Installation

Finally, keypad systems are fairly easy to install with the help of a locksmith. You may not even need to change out your entire lock if you already have a compatible dead bolt lock in place. And the locksmith will show you how to operate the system and change the codes on your own, so that the first visit will get you set up with everything you need.

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