Knowing Which Hardware To ChooseKnowing Which Hardware To Choose

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Knowing Which Hardware To Choose

Have you ever wondered which hardware could make a big difference for your front door? Although door knockers and new door knobs might seem appealing, that kick plate might be the magic ticket to entryway bliss. I want you to know how to evaluate and alter your entryway, so that you can make your home more welcoming. For example, could you make your entryway more appealing by putting a few faux stainless glass inserts around those side lights? My blog is filled with interesting, unique ways to spruce up your front door by using high end door hardware. You might be able to transform your home this weekend.

4 Benefits Of Window Inserts

Older windows don't always have the same benefits as new windows. However, a complete replacement isn't the only way to boost window performance. You can also install window inserts. These screens fit easily and snugly on the inside of your window frames. Depending on the product you choose, you get various benefits without having to install new windows. What are they? 1. Increase Energy Efficiency Older windows aren't always energy efficient. Read More